Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Getting used to eating [almost entirely] raw is difficult. Not so much in the adjustment to tastebuds, but in the preparation. With raw food you have to know so far in advance what and when you're going to want to eat something, unless it's a salad, juice, or smoothie. For example, this morning I woke up to find that it's a chilly dreary day. The kind of day that I would really like to have a nice cup of hot chai and pancakes. Pancakes. Warm and sweet with some of the maple syrup my parents just boiled down. There are raw pancake recipes, I had my eye on one with flax meal and blueberries, but they take hours in the dehydrator. And it's an awkward amount of hours too. Not enough that they could have been "cooking" through the night if I'd thought of it, but enough that if I put them together when I first woke up I'd be having them for lunch and by then the craving is gone and I'm moving on to salad or something.

So instead of my hot tea and pancakes I settled for a banana shake (almond milk and frozen banana). Delicious, but it doesn't quite scratch the same itch.

I don't plan on eating raw forever. This was intended to just be a month long experiment. Ultimately I just want to settle on a whole foods diet. And then it'll be hello [gluten free] pancakes!

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